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Laura Campos

Hi all, I am an artist from the So Cal area and I truly believe I was born with a box of crayons in my hands. I remember from an early age loving to draw and paint. My favorite thing to do as a child was to sneak my mother's food coloring jars from the kitchen and create beautiful abstract art. When I was six I told my dad I was going to be an artist for Disney someday and I am blessed to say my dream came true. Now after almost twenty years of being a prop artist for Disney, I have a new dream of transitioning to a full time creator of my own work. For a few years now my soul has been longing to make my own art. I want to capture the magic of places that I visit and things that I see, to be a story teller on canvas. I want to share with the world the beauty and wonder of ordinary things. I love how color and light come together to create a mood, atmosphere and emotion. Feel free to take a peek at my gallery and hopefully you will enjoy what you see and want a piece for yourself or anyone else. Many thanks! You can follow me on instagram at artbylaural.